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  • Nov 09
  • Animal Services
  • Dudley, North Carolina
  • Nextdaypets Billing Department
  • 76

Beware, they will over charge you with fake upgrades. I paid the initial fee but then they started billing every 2 weeks. Their site is useless unless you pay for more upgrades. They refused to refund my money. I filed a complaint with the Maryland BBB and the BBB. Stay away from this site, nothing but fraud and deception. beware beware beware. Avoid like the plague. Not reputable. Scam... Read more

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  • Oct 16
  • Animal Services
  • Morgantown, Kentucky
  • Nextdaypets Subscription
  • 59

I took the 19.95 subscription and was charged 39.90. When I tried to cancel I could not cancel . This is a ripoff. From the reviews I am not the only one. Why do they want you to make 2 small deposits? Another ripoff. Where is the chat button? No phone number and now I know why. I was trying to sell 2 little guys but no luck. Too much red tape. beware people I see a lawsuit coming. It is not the... Read more

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  • Oct 05
  • Animal Services
  • Santaquin, Utah
  • Puppy
  • 82

Sent them the money. Never heard from them again. xxx xx xxxx xx xx xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xx xx xxx xx xx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xx xx xxxx xx xx xxx xx xxx xx xx x x xxx xx xx xxx x x xxx xxx xxx xxx xx x xxx xx xxx x xxxx xxx xx xx xx xx xx xxx xxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx x x xx x xx xx x xx xx xx xx xx x x xx xx xx x xx xx x xx x xx xx x... Read more

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  • Sep 27
  • Animal Services
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Maltese Puppy
  • 70

Attempted to conduct a transaction with a man who stated his wife was deceased. The communication was in broken english as well as the ?professional? email from an airline co that is no longer doing business. No specific answers could be given to detailed questions. I am an prior AKC breeder and a private investigator. This was not a legitimate transaction. Do a background check of all parties... Read more

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Our puppy is super. Figure it out there are tons of people on this site, find the indiduals email and go direct. Add comment

I want to cancel my account. .joseph chasten. . Add comment

  • Jun 15
  • Animal Services
  • Granby, Connecticut
  • Doberman
  • 913

I ordered a doberman and i got a nite mare.600 dollars plus spaying and i got this Read more

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I found my beautiful puppy and I just love him!!! Thank you Add comment

  • Apr 24
  • Pet Stores
  • Houston, Texas
  • Maltipoo Puppy
  • 33
  • 33
  • 1224

I bought a pet from The breeder doesn't have have a name on there but has his phone number. He claims on his site that the puppies have a health guarantee, vaccinations, and registration papers. The only thing he gave me was the vaccination records which I later found out were no legit. I bought the puppy(maltipoo) two days ago for $500 and a few hours later it started to vomit.... Read more

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  • Apr 13
  • Animal Services
  • Collingswood, New Jersey
  • Puppy
  • 6
  • 6
  • 695

I purchased a puppy from Erbekees in 2013. He just turned two and was diognosed with elbow dysplasia. I contacted the breeder immediately as this is a known genetic condition. Initially she was sympathetic. However, her reaction to the paperwork from the hospital that performed surgery on our dog was far from sympathetic. Included with the paperwork was a recommendation to discontinue breeding... Read more

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