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No problem with Next Day Pets.I do a a very serious problem with Kathie Williams, one of their breeders....AKA "Legacy Labs." We bought one of their "rare" white Labs who at 5 months of age was exhibiting signs of lameness in his front legs.

He was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia and at 9 months, cannot run and play because of the pain and lameness in his front legs. His dew claws were never removed as the breeder claims and the puppy required additional surgery to have a tumor removed from his back leg. All of this occurred before our puppy was seven months old.

The breeder initially agreed to refund our money but has since changed her mind.She refuses to contact our puppy's littermates so they can be screened for this genetic defect and lastly, she is still breeding these dogs!

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Take them to small claims court.Every state has a different law on protecting your rights!

I dont believe this dog was fit for purchase which is a piece of paper that says a vet has checked this puppy before you purchase it. It sounds like they just bu from different breeders & pretend to work as a broker.(they get a cut of the money made off of the Purchase) always ask for his in writing. Never buy a puppies where you cant see the *** and the Stud and the blood lines. THEY CAN MAKE UP ANY NAMES DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Also always see where the puppy was kept. metal shed with no air & no heat, or warm home with puppy is adjusting & exposed to people. Please look at the general rules on puppy find at least you have a list of tells or signs on when someone is using you.

You are operating in the world I wish we had and I was very naive & thats what they are counting on since your honest they count on you thinking they are.Puppyfind is also a scam but the list of rules is a good one but they dont follow their own policies!


I just had to write in to say that we have dealt with Kathie Williams and Legacy Labs and found her to be wonderful. I don't know what happened in this case but we know of several other happy buyers with healthy dogs.


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Our puppy is now 13 months old and is slowly deteriorating. We have posted two videos on You Tube as we feel a moral and ethical obligation to warn unsuspecting consumers about Legacy Labs and other breeders who make false claims and continue to breed the parents of lame puppies!


Our puppy is now 13 months old and is slowly deteriorating. We have posted two videos on You Tube as we feel a moral and ethical obligation to warn unsuspecting consumers about Legacy Labs and other breeders who make false claims and continue to breed the parents of lame puppies!


Anyone looking to purchase a well bred lab should contact the US Labradir Retriever Club.All rare colors are major faults.

Labs only come in 3 colors.

Yellow, black, and chocolate.Any other color is more than likely a mutt.


Please be aware that there are several unrelated "legacy labs" across the country. When sharing experience it would be prudent to give more information- at least what state they are located in. Otherwise you may be hurting others who were not involved.


Her web site makes her look like a very reputable breeder.........then you go to Next Day Pets and realize this is your classic puppy mill. It doesn't matter how beautiful the ranch, a mill is a mill.


It's best to work with local, experienced breeders.You can see the way the pups grow up, meet the mother and develop a good working relationship with the breeder.

Breeders should be able to produce relevent health clearances, guarantees and buyers should take time and listen to their instincts.A dog is not an impulse purchase.

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