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I ordered a maltipoo puppy with a pick-up date of 5/28/2016.She was adorable and I put a deposit on her.

When I called Susan to see about shipping she told me she was keeping her for 1 more week. I asked her several times for pictures of parents which she did not provide. Shipment was then held up another week because she said I didn't send her shipping info. I did.

When I finally got the puppy at 10.30 pm on night of shipping she smelled so bad I had to bath her. She had Ghiardia and other parasites in her stool and had ear mites. The vet bills were over $ 125 but her "health guarantee" doesn't cover anything but death or serious illness. She also told me the dew claws were removed and she knew they were not.

She did the worming incorrectly. We love the puppy, but considering the amount of stress involved I wish we had canceled the deal.

I should have known when they had no web site that something was wrong.Please do not use this breeder.

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#1361893 Sweetest Puppy Ever

We purchased a yorkipoo from this breeder and she is so sweet.The owner was very helpful and she answered all of our questions.

Our puppy is clean and healthy and smart!

I definitely recommend buying a puppy from this breeder.I would use her again for sure.

Reviewer: Karen, October 16, 2016 [ Delete ]

#1361891 Yorkie Poo

I recently purchase a puppy from Crow Mountain.They were very responsive to all my questions and calls.

They made the process very easy, from deposit to scheduling the delivery. And once we got our little Zoey...she was cuter than the pics and extremely sweet and loving, just how they described her to us. I'd highly recommend working with Crow Mountain if they have have the breed/puppy you're looking for! You won't be disappointed!

Reviewer: Dan, May 18, 2017 [ Delete ] Frankie

I purchased my first Yorkie with Crow Mountain.

Not only were they so helpful and kind I have the cutest little guy ever. Frankie is now a member of our family and so very loved!!! Thank you for such a positive experience and an even better puppy! I will gladly let anyone that asks know of Crow Mountain Puppies, and Puppyfind!!!!


Reviewer: Deana, February 17, 2017 [ Delete ] Happy, Healthy and Beautiful Baby Girl Bella K!!! I purchase a Malitpoo from Crow Mountain Puppies. Susan was so nice, knowledgable and professional! She answered all my questions and sent pictures each Monday showing her growth until it was time to pick BELLA up.

Once I pick her up she was such a happy, loving and entergetic puppy. Susan gave me a bag of food that she was feeding her to make her transition to her new home amazing. Susan gave me all her shot and vet papers showing she...

Oh did I say she is smart and fully pad trained! Great BREEDER!! Thanks so much Susan for the PERFECT addition to our family!! Reviewer: Toneka, January 4, 2017 [ Delete ] Sweetest Puppy Ever We purchased a yorkipoo from this breeder and she is so sweet.

The owner was very helpful and she answered all of our questions. Our puppy is clean and healthy and smart! I definitely recommend buying a puppy from this breeder. I would use her again for sure.

Reviewer: Karen, October 16, 2016 [ Delete ] Puppy Love! We purchased a puppy from Crow Mountain Puppies in January 2016. He is a purebred Yorkie. He came to us as a very loved puppy!

They are in this business for the LOVE of the puppies! Not for the greed of breeding! Our puppy was in excellent health and the whole process was an easy one. In fact our puppy arrived on an airplane.

It was all around a great experience. In fact we don't know what we did without him!

You are welcome to contact me via email if you wish.Reviewer: Diane, September 28, 2016 [ Delete ]

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We bought our sweet maltipoo, Lucy, from Susan last weekend.We can't say enough good things about Susan and our new puppy.

Susan was so kind to keep Lucy for two weeks because of a previously scheduled vacation.

During that time, she kept her up to date on her shots - free of charge.I know our sweet puppy will bring many years of joy to our whole family and all who meet her!

Iselin, New Jersey, United States #1355294

I had been looking for an apricot maltipoo puppy for a very long time!I'm from NJ, and they are extremely hard to come by and expensive here.

I found the puppy by doing a simple google search and to be honest, I was skeptical about purchasing a puppy online.I wasn't sure how I could trust the breeder or health condition of my dog.

After emailing Susan in January 2017 and speaking with her several times on the phone, all of my worries went completely out the window. I felt uneasy paying through PayPal, and Susan comprised by allowing me to pay with a credit card.

She sent me a health guarantee via email and even agreed to a slightly edited copy that I emailed her a few days later. She was so open and honest, readily sent pictures of my puppy every week, and answered all of the questions I had. Susan shipped my puppy on the day and time that she originally promised months back, and I picked my puppy up from the airport without any issues.

I brought the puppy to the vet a few days after, and he said that Lola is "PERFECT!" Of course, I already knew that just by looking at her and playing with her for the short few days that I had her, but hearing it from a professional made me feel so much better.

Lola has the most beautiful coat, color, eyes, size, etc. I know that Susan gives these puppies her time and care when raising them.

I enjoyed my interaction from Susan SO MUCH that I am looking to purchase my next maltipoo.If you are...

You will not regret it!Here is my beautiful Lola!

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Caught a couple of pictures I thought you might enjoy seeing.

Bella is doing very well now.She had some medical issues at first, but has since been resolved.

She loves her big sister and big sister dotes over her.

Bella is very smart and full of energy.

As we had hoped she has bonded with me and Gypsy is bonded with my wife. It's been great.

Thank you,

J & L P.

S.We have gotten a lot of compliments about her...

Sterling, Virginia, United States #1348595

Stay away from Susan Kitchen, I repeat stay away.The pictures you see will not be the pup you get.

I seen a cute puppy on her site with curly hair a yorkie poo. She sent me a puppy that I had never seen before or ordered. I was very disappointed. That's why she dosen't send pictures.

Be ware! Run.

This was a few days ago 7/8/17!She can also be very rude and disrespectful.

to Heart broken and disappointed Lufkin, Texas, United States #1348744

This lady bought this puppy and I held her for her for 6 weeks because she was moving.I sent her new pictures of the Yorkiepoo she picked out every single week.

Then after I had kept it for her for 6 additional weeks, I got the puppy all of its shots and even got the puppy rabies vaccination at no cost and she decided to change puppies and I told her was that wasn't doable. I did everything I could do to please this lady. She said she wanted me to send her the puppy. I did and now she says this.

Go to puppyfind and read all the great reviews from very happy customers before you listen to someone who can say anything they want on the internet. Its just not fair.

I couldn't please this person no matter what I did.Read all the good reviews below this ladys comments.


This is not true.We didnt ship the puppy because she wasn't ready from weaning.

We do not ship a puppy until they are ready. That is because we care for the puppy. I couldn't ship the puppy because i didn't have the persons shipping address. i texted her and emailed her with no response.

I can't ship without shipping info. Of course she needed a bath after shipping. They always do.

The puppy did not have parasites my vet did a fecal before she shipped and it was negative.This buyer was very controversial from the beginning.

Staten Island, New York, United States #1331198

I cannot say enough good things about Susan Kitchens!She was patient with me during the whole process.

Sending me pictures throughout. My little girl maltipoo was delivered at the airport clean and happy! I've heard so many horror stories of people buying puppies on the internet but I was so relieved that none of it was true for us.

SHE is the perfect puppy.Thank you Sue!

Clarksville, Arkansas, United States #1203960

5 stars!!!

This breeder is amazing!!I was so worried about finding a puppy and buying from off of this site, but she made me feel so comfortable about it and made it a super easy process including being a great communicator!

Plus she even sent us pictures to keep us updated while he was still growing before we could take him to his new home. Tucker (Jackson at the time we got him) is a ball full of fun. He is so well socialized and just enjoys being a pup. He's healthy as can be and so good natured with us and other people.

If I wanted another puppy I would definitely go back to them.Thanks so much for our little fluff ball!!

Reviewer: Briana, July 14, 2016 [ Delete ]

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