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I was scammed out of 1,150.00 for a puppy, Breeder's Name is Lisa Rush from Dayton Ohio. I bought a mini Dachshund, well I thought.

she was to ship the beautiful cute pup on four different days. Never happened. I look on your site all the time. Seeing her still trying to sell her puppies.

Please stop her from scamming people, I would hate someone else go through the hurt and the Exspense I am going through. I have tried calling her 1-937-36 4484.

She never answers . I talked with her and texted with her a few times, she is one heck of a good con artist. Please check her out she is from Dayton / springfield Ohio A Lisa Rush.

I hate to have her scam any other person out of all their money. I had just been looking for a puppy and I got ripped off. I thought this was a safe site. I have use your site before and found and bought two of my pugs, Had no trouble at all.

Well I will no longer be using this site. Now Thank you Sincerely Kimberly Perrotta

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She has been arrested in Springfield Ohio many dogs her house covered in urine *** dogs covered many cages full of puppies covered in *** urine no food or water many dehydrated it's in Spfld news and sun you can look up all details at Springfield municipal just put in her name.


They won't stop her. They could care less.

These reports go back as far as 2014! They don't validate the identity and legitimacy of anyone that registers on their site, and they are a breeding ground for scammers and fraud.

There are many more honest and reliable sites like this that can be trusted. This is not one of them.


If you were scammed, I can assure you that NextDayPets are 50% to blame, regardless your previous successes in using them. I would never do business in any way with them again or give them a cent, and stick with using them as a grocery store bulletin board only as long as they are in business.

If you are using their puppy profiles to find sellers who have the kind of dog you are looking for who can contact you directly based upon receiving your profile? Then you are opening a can of ugly worms and entering the zone of unsafe transactions - exposing yourself to all the scammers and frauds out there, not just legitimate sellers. You need to run the other way. NextDayPets is a breeding ground for some of the most cruel fraud and scams around that involve the emotions and time of the buyers and sellers, because they are irresponsible with their procedures of identity verification.

It should be done in a way to scare many of the scammers off, and it's not that hard to do, but they fail to do it. They supply scammers and illegitimate, dishonest sellers with your email and phone number so they can contact you, but they make no real, valid attempt to do as much as they can on their end to protect you from scammers contacting you. What are the chances on a reputable site who is truly taking this matter seriously that the first and only seller that contacts you, twice in 12 hours, is an illegal scammer? All within the first 48 hours of discovering the site?

Their procedures and security cannot be good at all for that to have happened to me. There is so much more they could and should be doing, but they aren't - yet they claim they are and outright lie to their users about that. They don't make any real honest and respect worthy attempt to protect you from fraud. Their identity verification procedures are the worst I have ever seen anywhere in the past 15 years, and completely a joke.

All it verifies is whether or not the registered buyer or seller can use a computer and make random accounts, and use throw-away phones.The free portion of their site is simply hosting a website that sellers or shelters can post dogs they have for sale or adoption. In that regard, they are a glorified bulletin board and NextDayPets is uninvolved in any of the interactions between the sellers and buyers for that part of their site, and thank God for that! They can be a very useful site for that only, and only because of the hard work and time the shelters and breeders give to post that information. NextDayPets gets no credit at all short of nailing the bulletin board to the wall to be used.

You don't want to be involved with this company in any other way that immerses you further, or gives them any money. There are much better and far more reputable sites for those additional types of services - so go to them. As a matter of fact, every single dog I have ever seen on this website is also posted on other websites too, so you don't really need this one. However, as long as they are in business and showing up on Google searches, I can understand why shelters and sellers might as well post their dogs because buyers have that much more of a chance seeing them.

I wish none of them would use this site though, because they are unwittingly leading potential buyers to possibly become entangled with an unsafe site that has a higher chance of exposing them to fraud and scams, and to potentially be on the receiving end of the worst customer service. If I were a shelter or breeder, I wouldn't want to be one of the business leading potential buyers to that kind of a site. Had they never been led there in a Google search, or never saw anything worth seeing once there, they would be safer. There are more reputable sites who value the hard work a company should do to truly HELP protect their users, not just give lip-service.There are more complaints about being scammed from this website than I realized now that I'm researching so much, but NextDayPets isn't really doing anything of value to combat that problem.

They lie in their policy and procedure and FAQ pages. All they have done is rewrote and added verbiage to their FAQ and help pages to throw a veil over the ugliness to try and convince its users that the Emperor is wearing clothes. They claim that they take it seriously (lie), they use the same identification validation procedures as eBay and other similar companies (lie), and users can feel secure on their site and trust that NextDayPets is doing what they can on their end to limit the number of scams and fraudulent dealings (lie). That's three direct lies right there.

How do I know? They did NOT take the scam I reported to them seriously. Rather than replying to me and thanking me for the detailed information and advice about identity verification and how to scare off the scammers, and rather than apologizing and assuring me they do not want this to happen on their site, they simply cancelled both of my puppy profiles as I requested BUT did NOT refund me the money I paid for them; they kept it instead, (I had just paid for them two days prior,) and then they deleted my user account on their site to remove my access!!! That takes as much time to do as send me an email saying thank you and we are sorry.

But no, they did not contact me about my email in any other way because they don't take it as seriously as they claim they do, as their actions just proved. It also shows no respect or concern for the party who was hurt. They also do not do the same validation procedures as eBay and lied about that. I've been a seller with eBay since 2006, and with Paypal since inception and when they were basically the same company, and I can tell you their identity verification is much more entailed, professional, and thorough, and while not perfectly foolproof, it is highly reliable and deters a lot of scammers due to the headache of going through their validation procedures.

It took me over two weeks to validate all my information for both eBay and PayPal. It too me 10 seconds to do it with NextDayPets. Yet the potential purchases via NextDayPets are far more expensive than most of my dealings on eBay! And they involve highly sensitive emotions to boot.

Where is their compassion and respect for this type of business? All NextDayPets does is require its registered users to do one of the following three things (not all): 1) validate their phone number which can be done by having a security code sent to the phone in your hand, (uhhhh ... pay as you go phone anyone???) and that absolutely isn't verifying anything, even crooks have throw-away phones; 2) validate their Facebook account, (uhhh ... contrary to anything Facebook says, thousands of people have fake Facebook accounts and it's really, really easy to pull off and never be caught,) so that is not verifying anything of true legitimacy either, and crooks have Facebook accounts too with bogus/anonymous information, as do gamers so that they can communicate and share with others on their game of choice while protecting their true identity; and 3) validate their PetPay account.

While #3 certainly sounds official, and most likely verifies and connects checking accounts, etc., it is not as secure as PayPal nor uses the same stringent cross checking procedures that is so effective against fraud. I just discovered through my research that PetPay IS NextDayPets!! They simply have both companies listed independently as if they aren't related, but they are not very professional so they overlooked obvious things making it rather easy to discover. If I am already doubting the safety and professionalism of NextDayPets, then why on earth would I trust the reliability and trustworthiness of their PetPay service?

The most important point here is that you only need ONE of these three things to be "verified," even though they "recommend" you do more than one or all three because other members will trust you more, it is not required. When you are dealing with a business that involves deep emotions of pet owners, (same as adopting children,) it can be hard to resist overlooking such things and easy to just trust since the site seems so legitimate. Well, NONE of their three verification elements lowers the amount of fraud and scams on their site. If the first two were more trustworthy and done in a more in depth way (cross check the address your phone is registered to with the address your checking account is; use a more reputable site than Facebook to verify identity; or require the user to upload photo identification to verify address and age (something PayPal does,) then that combined with PetPay would place this company in a more respectable position and provide a lot more security and safety for their users, while deterring a large chunk of scammers.

I told them their ID verification was unsafe.

My reward for pointing out the holes in their security net was to immediately (within hours, not kidding,) have my entire user account removed from their site. Luckily, its free to anyone and I just created a new one, and will keep doing so to warn it's users until NextDayPets starts to truly act responsibly and honorably, and changes their validation procedures.

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